Volunteer Application

Do you want to peek behind the curtains of Elisa Masters Espoo ’22?

Elisa Esports is organizing an extraordinary $200,000 arena event Elisa Masters Espoo ’22. The event will be held at Espoo Metro Arena on 18th – 20th of November 2022. The biggest esports event in Finland will host 12 world-class Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in the heart of Espoo. Read more about the event here.


  • Event: Elisa Masters Espoo ’22
  • Time: 14th – 20th of November 2022
  • Location: Elisa Esports Studio, Kaarlenkatu 11, HELSINKI & Espoo Metro Arena, Urheilupuistontie 3, ESPOO
  • Benefits: One meal / working day, event shirt & tickets to the event

Open volunteer roles

  • Production Assistant
    • Responsibility: Assist in the production of the studio broadcast or the arena broadcast
    • Dates: 15. – 20.11.2022
    • Age: over 16
  • Social Media Assistant
    • Responsibility: Help in the social media production of the event
    • Dates: 16. – 20.11.2022
    • Age: over 16
  • Team Host
    • Responsibility: Host the attending Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams during their stay in Finland
    • Dates: 14. – 20.11.2022
    • Age: over 18
  • Construction Assistant
    • Responsibility: Help with the construction of the event
    • Dates: 11. – 18.11.2022
    • Age: over 16
  • Do you have what it takes to be an volunteer in charge? For every role we are searching for a few volunteers in charge, who will be responsible of their service point. As a reward for their tasks, they will get event ticket bundles to share with their friends.

Do you have any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with inquiries regarding the volunteering at the event: volunteers@elisaesports.com.