The global popularity of esports has begun to show in Finland in concret terms. In a short space of time, the industry has built professional activities around tournaments, team organizations, partnerships and productions. Elisa Viihde Sport has played an important role in bringing esport to the attention of the great people in Finland.

The Esports phenomenon represents the current world of work and its diversity. There is a wide range of talent in the industry whose professional titles we could not even imagine a decade ago such as streamers or professional players. There are also professions that are familiar to everyone; reporters, judges and videographers.

Elisa Esports produces broadcasts, tournaments and events for esports lovers. Since the autumn of 2018, we have produced thousands of hours of esports broadcasts, e.g. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG and Rocket League. In this site we will publish news and previews related to our content. You can watch our broadcasts on both of our Twitch channels and Elisa Viihde Sport channels.

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