PSL Elisa Viihde PUBG Fall Challenge – Grand Finals

It’s time for PSL Elisa Viihde PUBG Fall Challenge grand finals! We have 18 maps of top tier international PUBG coming to your way during friday, saturday and sunday. At sunday we have new PSL champion, who takes home 7500€ grand prize. There is overall of 15 000€ in the prize pool, so every team wants to do their best in this one. We have 5 teams in the grand finals, which have battled through from the first round and they have 11 invitational teams to challenge them. More info about the tournament overall you find here.


Friday 18.9, Saturday 19.9 and Sunday 20.9

Teams to watch:

Four Pissed Men (FaZe Clan)

FaZe Clan won the recent PCS 2 – tournament, which included many teams from PSL finals. 4PM entered the PSL finals from Losers bracket after they failed to get a place in Winners bracket by 1 point in round 4. Now that PCS 2 is over, this team can fully focus on PSL and they are force to be reckoned with! I think every pair of eyes are on 4PM and it would be pretty big surprise if they are not one of the top teams after 18 maps.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid was pretty much the only team who could challenge FaZe Clan in PCS 2 and they have made their way through PSL rounds pretty easily. TL didn’t have the easiest of summers, but lately their game has been on point! Liquid is probably the biggest favorite to win PSL season 7. Last season they failed to perform in the finals and were sixth at the end. Now they want their revenge and add PSL-championship on their trophy case.


shiftW has battled through 5 rounds of PSL already and now it’s time to end this tournament strong. They won Winners bracket at monday and they are one of the hottest teams for the finals. Team was formerly know as WeAreWe and they were fairly unknown team to big audience before PCS 2 where they placed fourth, dropping out from the podium by one point. Now they are well known and respected, but they are still trying to find their first tournament win. Maybe PSL is place where they get their first trophy!


ENCE is playing in front of Finnish audience and with newly found synergy they are performing well. ENCE was second in the Winners bracket and they placed fifth in the PCS 2. ENCE is only full Finnish roster in the finals, so they have the support of the crowd behind them. ENCE is always dangerous opponent and they are supposed to be one of the top teams in the finals.

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It’s time for round 5! This week is PSL super week with 5 game days! At sunday we have our brand new PSL-champion! We start week with Winners bracket where we decide first 8 finalists and at tuesday we get 8 more finalists from Losers bracket. More info about the tournament overall you find here.

In the fourth round, groups will play total of 8 maps. Top-8 from Winners bracket will advance to finals. Rest of the teams will continue to Losers bracket. In the Losers bracket we have 8 more spotst to Finals and rest of the teams will drop out.. Come and join to twitch chat and cheer your favorite team to the finals!

Round 5

Monday 14.9

Tuesday 15.9

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