Embrace the excitement this spring with Elisa Invitational!

Mark your calendars as the Elisa Invitational Spring 2024 heats up from the 26th of February to the 18th of May 2024. The journey to glory begins with the Open Qualifiers on the 10th and 11th of February, a crucial battleground where the top 2 teams from each qualifier will earn their place in the Contenders Stage, where 12 invite teams await them.

Stage 1 – Qualifiers

  • Participants: Open to European teams.
  • Dates: 10th and 11th of February.
  • Format: The top 2 teams from each Qualifier secure a spot in Stage 2, the Contenders Stage.
  • Signups: Open now!

Stage 2 – Contenders

  • Dates: February 26th – March 15th.
  • Format: Swiss Group (All matches Best-of-3) with 12 invite teams and 4 teams from the Open Qualifiers.
  • Advancement: The top 8 teams advance to Stage 3, Main Swiss.

Stage 3 – Main Swiss

  • Dates: April 8th – May 2nd.
  • Format: Swiss Group (Best-of-3) with 8 invite teams and 8 teams from the Contenders Stage.
  • Advancement: The top 8 teams secure spots in Stage 4, the Playoffs.

Stage 4 – Playoffs

  • Dates: May 14th – May 18th.
  • Format: Single Elimination Bracket with 4 rounds of play: Opening Matches, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Grand Final.
  • Participants: 12 teams in total; 8 teams in the Opening Matches from Main Swiss, 4 teams invited straight to the Quarter Finals.

The competition is fierce with a $25,000 prize pool at stake, offering not only monetary rewards but also a chance to be invited to a special, yet-to-be-revealed LAN event.

The prize distribution:

1. $10,000 and an invite to an unannounced LAN event.
2. $5,000.
3.-4. $2,000.
5.-8. $1,000 each.
9.-12. $500 each.

Teams and fans, get ready for an unforgettable esports experience with Elisa Invitational Spring 2024. The anticipation is building. Who will rise to the top and claim the glory?