Elisa Invitational Spring 2024 Contenders Stage: Viewer’s guide

The Elisa Invitational Spring 2024 will kick off its Contenders Stage on Monday, February 26th. Among the 16 competing teams, only the best 8 will progress to the Main Stage.

All the games will be streamed on Elisa Esports Twitch channel. For the latest news regarding everything Elisa Esports, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Contenders Stage teams

  • Zero Tenacity (Invited)
  • Metizport (Invited)
  • Permitta (Invited)
  • Synck (Invited)
  • Endpoint (Invited)
  • JANO (Invited)
  • BLEED (Invited)
  • MOUZ NXT (Invited)
  • Espionage (Invited)
  • ALTERNATE aTTaX (Invited)
  • Team Secret (Invited)
  • Young Ninjas (Invited)
  • Dynamo Eclot (From European Online Qualifier 1)
  • ex-ENEIDA (From European Online Qualifier 1)
  • GODSENT (From European Online Qualifier 2)
  • INGLORIOUS (From European Online Qualifier 2)


The schedule will be updated weekly as the tournament proceeds forward.

Round 1 (B03) 26.-29.2.2024

Opening round
26.2.2024 11.00 CET
Endpoint vs. ALTERNATE aTTaX1 – 2
Opening round
26.2.2024 14.00 CET
Opening round
27.2.2024 11.00 CET
Synck vs. Dynamo Eclot1 – 2
Opening round
27.2.2024 14.00 CET
GODSENT vs. ex-ENEIDA1 – 2
Opening round
28.2.2024 11.00 CET
Metizport vs. INGLORIOUS2 – 0
Opening round
28.2.2024 14.00 CET
Permitta vs. Team Secret0 – 2
Opening round
29.2.2024 11.00 CET
JANO vs. Espionage0 – 2
Opening round
29.2.2024 14.00 CET
Zero Tenacity vs. Young Ninjas2 – 1

Round 2 (B03) 2.-5.3.2024

Low match
2.3.2024 11.00 CET
Synck vs. Inglorious2 – 0
High match
2.3.2024 14.00 CET
MOUZ NXT vs. ex-ENEIDA2 – 1
High match
3.3.2024 11.00 CET
Zero Tenacity vs. Team Secret2 – 0
High match
3.3.2024 14.00 CET
Metizport vs. Dynamo Eclot1 – 2
Low match
4.3.2024 11.00 CET
Low match
4.3.2024 14.00 CET
Endpoint vs. JANO2 – 0
High match
5.3.2024 11.00 CET
Espionage vs. Alternate Attax0 – 2
Low match
5.3.2024 14.00 CET
Permitta vs. Young Ninjas2 – 1

Round 3 (B03) 7.-10.3.2024

Mid match
7.3.2024 11.00 CET
Permitta vs. ex-ENEIDA2 – 1
Mid match
7.3.2024 14.00 CET
ex-SYNCK vs. Espionage1 – 2
Elimination match
8.3.2024 11.00 CET
JANO vs. Inglorious2 – 0
Mid match
8.3.2024 14.00 CET
Metizport vs. Team Secret2 – 0
Mid match
9.3.2024 11.00 CET
Endpoint vs. BLEED0 – 2
Elimination match
9.3.2024 14.00 CET
GODSENT vs. Young Ninjas0 – 2
High match
10.3.2024 11.00 CET
MOUZ NXT vs. Alternate Attax2 – 0
High match
10.3.2024 14.00 CET
Zero Tenacity vs. Dynamo Eclot2 – 0

Round 4 (B03) 12.-14.3.2024

Elimination match
12.3.2024 11.00 CET
Endpoint vs. Team Secret2 – 1
Elimination match
12.3.2024 14.00 CET
JANO vs. ex-ENEIDA1 – 2
High match
13.3.2024 11.00 CET
BLEED vs. Espionage2 – 1
High match
13.3.2024 14.00 CET
Permitta vs. Dynamo Eclot2 – 0
Elimination match
14.3.2024 11.00 CET
ex-SYNCK vs. Young Ninjas2 – 1
High match
14.3.2024 14.00 CET
Metizport vs. Alternate Attax1 – 2

Round 5 (B03) 15.3.2024

Elimination match
15.3.2024 11.00 CET
Espionage vs. Dynamo Eclot2 – 0
Elimination match
15.3.2024 14.00 CET
ex-SYNCK vs. Endpoint1 – 2
Elimination match
15.3.2024 17.00 CET
Metizport vs. ex-ENEIDA1 – 2

Embrace the excitement this spring with Elisa Invitational!

Mark your calendars as the Elisa Invitational Spring 2024 heats up from the 26th of February to the 18th of May 2024. The journey to glory begins with the Open Qualifiers on the 10th and 11th of February, a crucial battleground where the top 2 teams from each qualifier will earn their place in the Contenders Stage, where 12 invite teams await them.

Stage 1 – Qualifiers

  • Participants: Open to European teams.
  • Dates: 10th and 11th of February.
  • Format: The top 2 teams from each Qualifier secure a spot in Stage 2, the Contenders Stage.
  • Signups: Open now!

Stage 2 – Contenders

  • Dates: February 26th – March 15th.
  • Format: Swiss Group (All matches Best-of-3) with 12 invite teams and 4 teams from the Open Qualifiers.
  • Advancement: The top 8 teams advance to Stage 3, Main Swiss.

Stage 3 – Main Swiss

  • Dates: April 8th – May 2nd.
  • Format: Swiss Group (Best-of-3) with 8 invite teams and 8 teams from the Contenders Stage.
  • Advancement: The top 8 teams secure spots in Stage 4, the Playoffs.

Stage 4 – Playoffs

  • Dates: May 14th – May 18th.
  • Format: Single Elimination Bracket with 4 rounds of play: Opening Matches, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Grand Final.
  • Participants: 12 teams in total; 8 teams in the Opening Matches from Main Swiss, 4 teams invited straight to the Quarter Finals.

The competition is fierce with a $25,000 prize pool at stake, offering not only monetary rewards but also a chance to be invited to a special, yet-to-be-revealed LAN event.

The prize distribution:

1. $10,000 and an invite to an unannounced LAN event.
2. $5,000.
3.-4. $2,000.
5.-8. $1,000 each.
9.-12. $500 each.

Teams and fans, get ready for an unforgettable esports experience with Elisa Invitational Spring 2024. The anticipation is building. Who will rise to the top and claim the glory?

Following two days of intense Counter-Strike 2 matches held at Elisa’s state-of-the-art studio, the teams who have earned their coveted spots at Espoo Metro Arena including HAVU, ENCE, MOUZ, GamerLegion, FURIA, and APEKS.

However, despite their best efforts, Complexity and FNATIC didn’t secure spots to the Arena this time. We’re looking forward to seeing how things unfold next year and want to give them a big shoutout for being part of the event! Thank you, fellas!

The Quarter-Finals are set to kick off tomorrow at Espoo Metro Arena, setting the stage for an escalating showdown that culminates in the BO5 Grand Final scheduled for this Sunday.

Join us for the weekend either live or on Twitch!

Wednesday’s Results:

ENCE vs. HAVU (BO1): 6-13
GamerLegion vs. FNATIC (BO1): 13-8
HAVU vs. GamerLegion (BO3): 2-1
ENCE vs. FNATIC (BO3): 2-1

Thursday’s Results:

MOUZ vs. Apeks (BO1): 16-19
Complexity vs. FURIA (BO1): 8-13
Apeks vs. FURIA (BO3): 2-0
MOUZ vs. Complexity (BO3): 2-1

Friday’s Matches:

GamerLegion vs. ENCE

Watch the games at our Twitch Channel’s:
English stream
Finnish stream

Tickets, Schedule and more information about Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 can be found at elisamasters.com.

See you at the Espoo Metro Arena, doors will open at 2 PM!

Elisa has signed a co-operation agreement with the City of Espoo. The agreement brings the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 event to the Espoo Metro Arena on November 29 – December 3, 2023. The event gathers together esports enthusiasts, professionals and spectators from around the world. The first Elisa Masters Espoo event organized last year was a success, and it gathered more than 8,000 visitors to the venue.

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Elisa Masters Espoo will be held for the second time at the Espoo Metro Arena on November 29 – December 3, 2023. The event will feature a total of eight top teams, who will claim their place either by invitation or based on their previous success. In the upcoming event, both GamerLegion, who triumphed in the Elisa Invitational Winter 2023 season and secured the second spot in the Major tournament, as well as the yet-to-be-decided winner of the ongoing Elisa Invitational Spring 2023 season, will be among the competing teams. In addition, the event will also feature the Finnish Champion, who will be determined in the Elisa Esports eSM 2023 tournament held in August.

“Elisa Masters succeeded in establishing its position as one of the flagship events in the Counter-Strike competitive calendar. We are excited to be able to expand our partnership with the City of Espoo and continue to strengthen the esports culture. The event offers an exceptional opportunity for Finnish talent to shine on a global level”, says Mika Lepistö, Director of New Business Development and Partnerships at Elisa.

Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 starts on November 29th with the Studio Phase. The Group Decider matches and Playoffs can be followed live at the Espoo Metro Arena on December 1 – 3, 2023. Elisa brings its game and technology innovations as well as a fast 5G network connection to the event, which guarantees an engaging and unforgettable experience for visitors on site and viewers following from home.

The City of Espoo, known for its vibrant and tech-savvy community, is looking forward to organizing a groundbreaking esports event in co-operation with Elisa. The co-operation emphasizes the city’s commitment to promoting technology, innovation, and a dynamic environment for esports enthusiasts and consumers.

“Esports is an important part of digital culture and the spearhead of game culture. For Espoo, it is important not only to have a successful and communal experience in the event itself, but also to reach a wide player community and create links for players to esports clubs, education and working life. This is part of our work to develop the gaming industry cluster in Espoo”, commented Mervi Heinaro, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Sports and Culture, at the City of Espoo.

The previous Elisa Masters Espoo event was held in November 2022, and it received overflowing praise as a stage for high-level esports competition. The event brought together esports enthusiasts, professionals, and spectators from around the world. The success of the Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 event laid the foundation for the starting partnership with the City of Espoo.

Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 in a nutshell:

  • Elisa Masters brings the world’s top players to Espoo
  • The group matches will be played in the Studio Phase on November 29 – 30, 2023
    • Two four-team Double Elimination brackets (opening matches Best-of-1, rest Best-of-3)
    • The two best teams in the groups advance directly to the Playoffs
  • Group Decider matches and Playoffs will be played in front of the crowd at Espoo Metro Arena on December 1 – 3, 2023
    • One four-team Single Elimination bracket (Best-of-3)
  • Teams:
    • GamerLegion (Elisa Invitational Winter 2023)
    • Winner of Elisa Invitational Spring 2023
    • Winner of Elisa Esports eSM 2023
    • 5 invite teams
  • $200,000 prize pool
  • The event is not recommended for family’s youngest
  • Tickets and more info about the tournament can be found at elisamasters.com

Tickets: elisamasters.com
The tournament can be followed in English from Elisa Esports’ Twitch channel twitch.tv/elisaesports
For the latest news regarding everything Elisa Esports, follow @elisaesports on Twitter and Instagram!

  • Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz
  • Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch
  • Florian “syrsoN” Rische
  • Nicklas “gade” Gade
  • Nils “k1to” Gruhne
  • Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninić (coach)

Current form

The ever-so-consistent BIG has been hovering around the Top-10 spot all year long. Even after one of their stars “XANTARES” leaving the team and “gade” replacing him, the results have still looked promising. BIG’s great preparation and solid team play make them always tough to play against.

Player to watch

The in-game leader and star of the team “tabseN” is what BIG is. He’s played in the team for almost 5 years with numerous different results. He’s taken steps back, allowing his teammates to shine and now he’s taking some space again and fragging out since that is what’s needed from him. Need a big play? TabseN will deliver.

What would winning take?

BIG is definitely coming in as one of the favorites of the tournament. Winning will take more from the other four players excluding tabseN. If BIG has enough time to prepare for their opponents, they can beat anyone.