Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 – Studio Phase results

Following two days of intense Counter-Strike 2 matches held at Elisa’s state-of-the-art studio, the teams who have earned their coveted spots at Espoo Metro Arena including HAVU, ENCE, MOUZ, GamerLegion, FURIA, and APEKS.

However, despite their best efforts, Complexity and FNATIC didn’t secure spots to the Arena this time. We’re looking forward to seeing how things unfold next year and want to give them a big shoutout for being part of the event! Thank you, fellas!

The Quarter-Finals are set to kick off tomorrow at Espoo Metro Arena, setting the stage for an escalating showdown that culminates in the BO5 Grand Final scheduled for this Sunday.

Join us for the weekend either live or on Twitch!

Wednesday’s Results:

ENCE vs. HAVU (BO1): 6-13
GamerLegion vs. FNATIC (BO1): 13-8
HAVU vs. GamerLegion (BO3): 2-1
ENCE vs. FNATIC (BO3): 2-1

Thursday’s Results:

MOUZ vs. Apeks (BO1): 16-19
Complexity vs. FURIA (BO1): 8-13
Apeks vs. FURIA (BO3): 2-0
MOUZ vs. Complexity (BO3): 2-1

Friday’s Matches:

GamerLegion vs. ENCE

Watch the games at our Twitch Channel’s:
English stream
Finnish stream

Tickets, Schedule and more information about Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 can be found at elisamasters.com.

See you at the Espoo Metro Arena, doors will open at 2 PM!

Welcome to the official Guide for the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023! As we gear up for another riveting tournament, this guide will provide you with all the essential details you need to follow the action.

Arriving to the Espoo Metro Arena

Espoo Metro Arena is located in Urheilupuistontie 3, 02200 Espoo. You can arrive by public transportation or by your own car.

Public Transportation

  • Use HSL Route planner for the best options.
  • Closest metro station: Urheilupuisto, about 500 meters away.
  • Local buses: The lines within Espoo that pass by Metro Areena are 114 Tapiola (M)-Leppävaara,115 Tapiola (M)-Mankkaa and 119 Tapiola-Niittykumpu. There are also other lines running near Areena along Merituulentie.

From Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you can easily get to the Helsinki railway station by train and from there by metro to Urheilupuisto station.

Own Car

  • Limited free parking available. Next to Urheilupuisto metro station, there is a parking space with ten charging points for electric cars, offering convenient access (approximately 500m) to the Espoo Metro Areena.

Partnership with Taksi Helsinki

  • Convenient taxi service to the Arena with our partner, Taksi Helsinki.
  • With Taksi Helsinki application it is the easiest and fastest way to book a taxi. Use the app with code PIKKUJOULU23 for a -10% discount of your first ride. Application is available on iPhone and Android phones. Download the application now!

Entering Espoo Metro Arena

  • Tickets: Purchase in advance, no door sales. Buy online at elisamasters.com.
  • Entrances: Main entrance for Lower Seat, Drinking Seat, Drinking Floor Seat and Floor Seat tickets; Club doors for Legendary and Premium VIP tickets.
  • Security: Be ready for bag checks at the gate. Prohibited objects, substances, and foods/drinks are removed at the doors during the entrance inspection. Importing food into the Arena is only possible for health reasons.

Accessibility at Metro Areena

Metro Areena is committed to ensuring an enjoyable experience for all guests, including those with reduced mobility. Conveniently, handicapped parking spaces are located near the main entrance, making access easier. Additionally, an elevator is available for guests’ use, ensuring smooth and comfortable movement within the venue. All events hosted at Metro Areena are designed to be accessible. For added convenience, accessible restroom facilities are also provided to accommodate our guests’ needs.


Studio Phase

Wednesday 29.11. – Group A

  • 13:00 EET: Opening Match #1 (BO1) – ENCE vs. HAVU
  • 14:00 EET: Opening Match #2 (BO1) – GamerLegion vs. Fnatic
  • 17:00 EET: Winners Match (BO3) – TBD
  • 19:30 EET: Losers Match (BO3) – TBD

Thursday 30.11. – Group B

  • 13:00 EET: Opening Match #1 (BO1) – MOUZ vs. Apeks
  • 14:00 EET: Opening Match #2 (BO1) – Complexity vs. FURIA
  • 17:00 EET: Winners Match (BO3) – TBD
  • 19:30 EET: Losers Match (BO3) – TBD

Arena Phase

Friday 1.12.

  • 14:00 EET: Doors Open
  • 16:00 EET: Group A Decider Match (BO3)
  • 19:00 EET: Group B Decider Match (BO3)

Saturday 2.12.

  • 14:00 EET: Doors Open
  • 16:00 EET: Semi Final #1 (BO3)
  • 19:00 EET: Semi Final #2 (BO3)

Sunday 3.12.

  • 15:00 EET: Doors Open
  • 17:00 EET: Grand Final (BO5)


An impressive lineup of teams is ready to compete for the trophy:

Invite Teams

  • ENCE: After falling in the Quarter Finals last year, the European powerhouse ENCE is back with determination to go even further.
  • MOUZ: With a refreshed lineup featuring the talented Jimi “Jimpphat” Salo, MOUZ is poised to impress on the Finnish stage.​
  • Complexity: Returning with the addition of the mastermind of NA, EliGE, ready to showcase their A game.
  • FURIA: Back in Finland after their triumph at the Arctic Invitational, Furia is eyeing another victory.
  • FNATIC: Last year’s champions, aiming to defend their title with a new, yet to be announced, lineup.


  • GamerLegion: Securing their spot through the Elisa Invitational, GamerLegion is prepared to showcase their skills and determination.
  • Apeks: Another qualifier from the Elisa Invitational, Apeks is eager to demonstrate their growth and competitive edge.
  • HAVU: The Finnish champions from Elisa Esports eSM 2023, HAVU is ready to contend on their home turf.


Group AGroup B


Studio Phase Casters

Arena Phase Talents

Finnish Broadcast Casters

Explore Espoo

While in Espoo for the tournament, explore the city with our “Visitor’s Guide to Espoo,” offering great tips on dining, sightseeing, and experiences. Find the guide here for a delightful stay.

Keilaniemi – dspmedia / Visit Espoo

Official Studio Phase Watch Parties

In addition to the live excitement at the Espoo Metro Arena, we are thrilled to announce the Official Studio Phase Watch Parties for #ElisaMasters. Thanks to our collaboration with Tornion panimo, fans in Helsinki and Tampere can join the thrill of the tournament in two fantastic locations:

  • Arkade Bar, Kalevankatu 30, Helsinki
  • Bar & Cafe Lategame, Kuninkaankatu 19, Tampere

Special Accommodation Offer at Hotel Matts

Hotel Matts offers a -15% discount on accommodations for esports fans from 27.11. to 4.12.2023. Use the code ALLESPORTS23 when booking on the Hotel Matts website.

Join us for an unforgettable esports experience at the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023, whether attending in person or tuning in online. Stay updated with the latest information as we draw closer to the event date!

As anticipation mounts for Elisa Masters Espoo 2023, we’re thrilled to unveil Monster Energy as the official energy drink partner, injecting an unparalleled surge of energy into the event. Monster Energy transcends the realm of a mere energy drink; it embodies a lifestyle in a can embraced by adrenaline seekers and gaming enthusiasts, seamlessly complementing the dynamic world of esports.

By aligning with Elisa Masters Espoo 2023, Monster Energy not only introduces its beverage to the arena but also brings a shared passion for high-intensity competition and peak performance. 

“Elisa Masters is synonymous with premier esports action, and having Monster Energy on board as our official energy drink partner reflects our commitment to energizing every facet of the event,” remarked Olli-Pekka Villa, Head of Elisa Esports. “Their international acclaim and unwavering dedication to the gaming community make this partnership particularly thrilling.” 

To commemorate this dynamic partnership, Monster Energy will tantalize taste buds with their latest and most popular flavours, ensuring both competitors and spectators stay energized throughout the event. Immerse yourself in gaming activities that promise an interactive experience, embodying the spirit of both Monster Energy and Elisa Masters. 

Mark your calendars for Elisa Masters Espoo 2023, where the fusion of Monster Energy’s exhilarating flavours and the adrenaline of esports guarantees an unforgettable tournament experience.

Stay tuned and get ready to unleash the beast!

As the esports community eagerly awaits Elisa Masters Espoo 2023, there’s a promise to not just deliver thrilling matches but also an unparalleled gaming experience. This commitment is further strengthened with the renewed partnership between Elisa Esports and ASUS ROG, a leading name in top-tier gaming innovation.

With numerous top-ranking teams set to participate, Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 aims to offer them an environment reflecting their high caliber. This is where ASUS ROG comes in, promising to enhance the gaming experience with its advanced equipment. “We are thrilled to be partnering up with Elisa Esports once again to provide Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 with state of the art Gaming PC’s and 380Hz ROG Strix XG259QN monitors ensuring a top tier gaming experience for the players in Espoo”, said Lovisa Boström, Gaming Marketing Manager at ASUS ROG Nordic.

But the excitement doesn’t end here. ASUS ROG is preparing to showcase a treat for tech enthusiasts and fans attending the event. “We had an absolute blast at Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 and we are very excited to return to Espoo for Elisa Masters Espoo 2023. This year we will bring the latest and most exciting products from ASUS ROG to Espoo Metro Arena with a dedicated space for visitors. The highly anticipated ROG Swift Pro PG248QP monitor with 540Hz and the handheld success ROG Ally among many other products will be on display to experience hands-on. We hope to see you there!” Lovisa Boström added.

Speaking about the significant collaboration, Olli-Pekka Villa, Head of Elisa Esports, stated, “For a major event like Elisa Masters, it’s essential to have a partner that shares our vision of excellence. ASUS ROG, with its impressive reputation and unmatched expertise, aligns perfectly with our goal of offering an unparalleled experience, both in terms of gameplay and tech interaction.”

This partnership symbolizes the perfect blend of world-class esports talent and top-notch gaming technology, ensuring Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 is an event to remember!

Legendaarinen MängudeÖÖ -tapahtuma Virossa toimii näyttämönä Counter-Striken Suomi-Viro-maaottelulle. Turnauksen palkintopotissa on 3000€.

MängudeÖÖ on Viron vanhin pelitapahtuma, joka järjestetään 30. syyskuuta 2023, 25. kerran. Counter-Strike-turnauksen lisäksi tarjolla on muita pienempiä kilpailuja ja lukemattomia mahdollisuuksia kokeilla uusimpia videopelejä ja teknologiaa. Sukella koko yön kestävään toimintaan viidessä elokuvateatterissasalissa ja kahdessa kerroksessa!

Elisa Esports järjestää suomalaisille tiimeille karsinnat Esportalissa:

Ensimmäinen karsinta 10. syyskuuta
– Kaksi parasta semifinaaliin (online)
Linkki Esportaliin

Toinen karsinta 15. syyskuuta
– Kaksi parasta semifinaaliin (online)
Linkki Esportaliin

Semifinaali 17. syyskuuta
– Voittaja MängudeÖÖ -tapahtumaan
Linkki Esportaliin

Semifinaalin voittajatiimi lähetetään Viroon pelaamaan Viron voittajaa vastaan MängudeÖÖ -tapahtumassa 30. syyskuuta järjestettävään LAN-finaaliin. MängudeÖÖ kattaa Helsinki-Tallinna-Helsinki laivaliput ja 30. syyskuuta – 1. lokakuuta hotellimajoituksen karsintojen voittajatiimille (5 pelaajaa sekä valmentaja).

Kerää joukkueesi kasaan, ja suuntaa Esportaliin ilmoittautumaan karsintoihin!

For seamless travel solutions, Taksi Helsinki has joined us as the official transport partner for the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 event. With a reputation for reliable and quality services, Taksi Helsinki is conveniently located throughout the Helsinki metropolitan area, guaranteeing that all event attendees – players, staff, and fans alike – have the ability to reach the Espoo Metro Arena and other event destinations swiftly and easily.

In addition to offering unmatched reliability and convenience, Taksi Helsinki is also committed to sustainability. Its ecofleet, or low-emission fleet, has seen significant growth in recent years. Currently, approximately a quarter of Taksi Helsinki’s fleet is powered by electricity. The ecofleet’s expansion has been somewhat limited by delays in the availability of electric cars, but the company continues to make strides in its pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Whether participants need to commute to the event venue, return to Hotel Matts for a night of sleep and relaxation, or simply wish to explore the vibrant city of Espoo, Taksi Helsinki provides a dependable and secure transport service. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility, and their slogan “Worthy of your trust” makes Taksi Helsinki an ideal choice for transport within the city.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the partnership, Olli-Pekka Villa, Head of Elisa Esports, said: “For an event as grand as Elisa Masters, a dependable transport partner like Taksi Helsinki is essential. Their commitment to punctuality and quality service is sure to enhance the smooth functioning of the event, ensuring our players and staff can navigate the city effortlessly.”

Suvi Viitala, Head of Sales and Marketing, Taksi Helsinki, also shared her thoughts on the collaboration: ” We have just published our new brand concept – Worthy of your trust, and we were excited when we were asked to be a partner in the event, which collected more than five million live broadcast views last year. We believe that the event will reach a lot of important target groups for us this year, and the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 event is a great way for us to introduce our new brand concept to new target groups as well.”

As we move towards the end of the year, Taksi Helsinki will offer exclusive, environmentally friendly transportation services throughout the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 event. Their commitment to punctuality, safety, reliability, and sustainability goes hand-in-hand with the core values of the event, promising an unforgettable event for all attendees!

The last Finnish Champion of CS:GO will be crowned at the Assembly Summer 2023 Main Stage this weekend! Four amazing Finnish teams will fight for the victory, the title of Finnish Champion and a spot to the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 event played in November and December.


  • Elisa Esports eSM 2023 – The Finnish Championship tournament in CS:GO



  • 3rd to 5th of August 2023

How can I follow?



  • JANO (Elisa Open Suomi Season 4 winner)
  • ENCE Academy (Elisa Open Suomi Season 4 finalist)
  • HAVU (Elisa Open Suomi Season 5 finalist)
  • Enhanced (Elisa Esports eSM 2023 Last Chance Qualifier)

Schedule (in EEST)

Thu 3.8.2023 at 13.00HAVU vs. Enhanced
Thu 3.8.2023 at 17.00ENCE Academy vs. JANO
Thu 3.8.2023 at 21.00TBD vs. TBD (Upper Bracket 1)
Fri 4.8.2023 at 11.00TBD vs. TBD (Losers Bracket 1)
Fri 4.8.2023 at 14.30TBD vs. TBD (Losers Bracket 2)
Sat 5.8.2023 at 14.30TBD vs. TBD (Grand Final)

This year, attendees at Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 can look forward to a unique brewing experience, as Tornion Panimo, a renowned Finnish brewery, steps into the spotlight as the official brewery partner of Elisa Esports. Known for its consistent focus on quality, attention to detail, and handcrafted brews, Tornion Panimo is set to enhance the event experience with its range of exceptional beers.

One of the driving forces of Finnish craft brewery culture, Tornion Panimo infuses its rich history and brewing traditions into every can. The brewery’s commitment to excellence and innovative spirit align seamlessly with the ethos of Elisa Masters Espoo, an event that celebrates the vibrancy and evolution of esports.

The partnership extends beyond just the event itself, as Tornion Panimo’s exquisite products will also be showcased across all Elisa Esports’ channels starting July.

Commenting on the partnership, Olli-Pekka Villa, Head of Elisa Esports, said, “We are thrilled to bring Tornion Panimo on board as our official brewery partner. Their dedication to quality brewing and their unique approach to creating distinctive taste experiences aligns perfectly with our vision for this event. We’re excited for our attendees to enjoy the excellent range of beers Tornion Panimo offers.”

Janne Siltala, Community Manager of Tornion Panimo, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We have been following the strong growth of the esports industry for some time now with great interest. Community and passion are important to us, and in discussions with Elisa Esports we noticed that the same values unite us. It’s an honor to be Elisa Esports’ first brewery partner and to bring authentic artisan flavors to a completely new audience.”

We look forward to raising a toast with the attendees of Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 and sharing the joy of gaming and craftsmanship in every sip. As part of this exciting partnership, Tornion Panimo will be offering a diverse range of its finest brews, each reflecting the brewery’s commitment to excellence and Finnish brewing traditions. Join us at the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023, where esports excellence meets the art of brewing for an unforgettable experience!

Elisa Esports eSM 2023 -turnaukseen paikkansa ansainneet joukkueet ovat Elisa Open Suomi 4. ja 5. kauden finalisteja. Koska kausilla oli päällekkäisiä finalisteja, ratkaistaan viimeinen eSM-turnauksen paikka Last Chance Qualifier -karsintaturnauksessa tulevana viikonloppuna 22.-23.7.2023. Last Chance Qualifier -karsintaturnaukseen kutsutaan 4. ja 5. kauden kolmannen ja neljännen sijan joukkueet, ja voittaja lunastaa paikkansa Elisa Esports eSM 2023 -turnaukseen.

Elisa Esports eSM 2023 -turnaus järjestetään Helsingin Messukeskuksessa Assembly Summer 2023 -tapahtumassa 3.-5.8.2023. Turnauksessa neljä Suomen parasta joukkuetta (ENCE Academy, HAVU, JANO ja Last Chance Qualifier -voittaja) kohtaavat toisensa ja kamppailevat suomenmestaruustittelin lisäksi paikasta Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 -tapahtumaan!

Missä ja milloin:

  • lauantaina ja sunnuntaina 22. – 23.7.2023
  • online, lähetykset ElisaViihdeSportin Twitch-kanavalla


  • Enhanced (Elisa Open Suomi 4. kauden 3. sija)
    • p3kko
    • puuha
    • Villeboe
    • millert
    • teme
  • TMVG (Elisa Open Suomi 4. kauden 4. sija)
    • shaker
    • Samppa
    • STOVVe
    • lehtori
    • arvid
  • FCottoNd (Elisa Open Suomi 5. kauden 3. sija)
    • yaNgile
    • MakeZ
    • Julbertos8d
    • kappe
    • ottob
  • mastermix123 (Elisa Open Suomi 5. kauden 4. sija)
    • oopee
    • Arttub0b
    • eneshan
    • n0te
    • zks


  • Best-of-3 Single Elimination bracket


  • lauantaina 22.7. klo 12:00 – Semi 1: Enhanced vs. mastermix123
  • lauantaina 22.7. klo 15:00 – Semi 2: FCottoNd vs. TMVG
  • sunnuntaina 23.7. klo 13:00 – Finaali: 1. ottelun voittaja vs. 2. ottelun voittaja


  • Voittajalle paikka Elisa Esports eSM 2023 -turnaukseen

Pysyäksesi kartalla kaikesta suomenmestaruuteen liittyvästä, kannattaa ottaa Elisa Esportsin ja Assemblyn somekanavat seurantaan jo nyt!

Elisa Esports – TwitterInstagram ja TikTok – elisaesports.com
Assembly – TwitterInstagram ja TikTok – assembly.org
SEUL – TwitterInstagramFacebook – seul.fi

Next week we are heading to Elisa Invitational Spring 2023 Playoff Stage! 4 invited teams and 8 teams from Main Swiss are facing each others on 6th of June – 10th of June 2023.

All the matches will be streamed live on our Twitch Channel. Follow our Twitter for results, in-time schedule and much more!

Where: Online
When: 6. – 10.6.2023
Teams: 12
Prize Pool: $25 000 + A spot in an unannounced LAN event!


  • Monte (Invited)
  • Into the Breach (Invited)
  • MOUZ (Invited)
  • Movistar Riders (Invited)
  • JANO (From Main Swiss Stage)
  • APEKS (From Main Swiss Stage)
  • 500 (From Main Swiss Stage)
  • ex-Copenhagen Flames (From Main Swiss Stage)
  • ECLOT (From Main Swiss Stage)
  • HAVU (From Main Swiss Stage)
  • Sangal Esports (From Main Swiss Stage)
  • EYEBALLERS (From Main Swiss Stage)

Playoff Stage (BO3) 6.-10.6.2023

Opening round
6.6.2023 12.00 CEST
APEKS vs. Sangal Esports
Opening round
6.6.2023 15.00 CEST
Opening round
7.6.2023 12.00 CEST
ex-Copenhagen Flames vs. ECLOT
Opening round
7.6.2023 15.00 CEST
500 vs. HAVU
8.6.2023 12.00 CEST
Into the Breach vs. winner Apeks/Sangal
8.6.2023 15.00 CEST
Monte vs. winner JANO/EYEBALLERS
9.6.2023 12.00 CEST
Movistar Riders vs. winner ex-cph/ECLOT
9.6.2023 15.00 CEST
MOUZ vs. winner 500/HAVU
Semi-Final #1
10.6.2023 12.00
Semi-Final #2
19.6.2023 15.00
Grand Final
10.6.2023 19.00