Elisa Masters Espoo ‘22 is an S-Tier event and we are going to see many TOP30 teams in Espoo. We want to ensure that they will have the best gaming gear available – and that is why we are partnering with ASUS ROG to provide the best kind of equipment for players.

– Esports is in ASUS ROG’s DNA. Over the last 15 years we have been committed to support the esports community in Finland, including our own standalone ROG Tournament initiative with its home at Assembly in Helsinki. To honor the esports community’s passion for performance hardware we have continued with our endeavour to develop the best gaming products in the market, says Lovisa Boström, Marketing Specialist, ASUS ROG Nordic.

ASUS ROG products are targeted to esports use, and Republic of Gamers is world’s leading gaming gear manufacturer. As Elisa Masters Espoo ‘22 is the biggest CS:GO tournament that has been seen in Finland, it’s important that everything from venue to equipments are high quality.

– ASUS ROG products are known by every gamer, and we are proud to have them as our event partner for Elisa Masters Espoo ’22. As we want to provide awesome event for the audience, we also want to make sure that players have everything they need, Teemu Koski, Head of Elisa Esports.

– We’re very excited to be partnering up with Elisa Masters Espoo ’22 to provide the event with state of the art Gaming PCs and 360Hz Monitors to enable a top tier gaming experience in Espoo, Lovisa Boström, Marketing Specialist, ASUS ROG Nordic.