World-Class Counter-Strike

8 teams

Espoo Metro Arena


29.11. – 3.12.2023

Espoo is Esports

We’re bringing World-Class Counter-Strike BACK to Espoo, the Esports Capital of Finland. Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 will feature 8 distinguished teams from around the world who will compete for a $200,000 prize pool in the largest esports event in Finland. The tournament will be held at the Espoo Metro Arena, right in the Heart of Espoo. Get tickets now and join us on the rafters or get yourself a seat on the floor, right next to where the action is happening!

Studio Phase

29. – 30.11.2023

  • group 8 teams, 5 invited & 3 qualified – Group Stage
  • smart_display Live on Elisa Esports’ Twitch
  • mouse Played in a Closed Studio Environment

Arena Phase

1. – 3.12.2023

  • group 6 teams – Decider Matches and Playoffs
  • smart_display Live at Espoo Metro Arena and on Twitch
  • mouse In front of a live audience at Espoo Metro Arena

Studio Schedule

Local Time (EET)Wednesday 29.11.Thursday 30.11.
13:00ENCE vs. HAVU (BO1)MOUZ vs. Apeks (BO1)
14:00GamerLegion vs. FNATIC (BO1)Complexity vs. FURIA (BO1)
17:00HAVU vs. GamerLegion (BO3)Apeks vs. FURIA (BO3)
19:30ENCE vs. FNATIC (BO3)MOUZ vs. Complexity (BO3)

Arena Schedule

Local Time (EET)Friday 1.12.Saturday 2.12.Sunday 3.12.
14:00Doors openDoors open
15:00Doors open
16:00GamerLegion vs. ENCE (BO3)APEKS vs. ENCE (BO3)
17:00APEKS vs. FURIA (BO5)
19:00FURIA vs. MOUZ (BO3)HAVU vs. FURIA (BO3)

The venue closes every day after the last match has finished. The schedule is subject to change without notice.

Back again in Espoo

FNATIC took the victory at Elisa Masters Espoo 2022. Photo: Janne Maljanen

Elisa Masters is back in Espoo! Last year (2022) the event established its position as a notable event in the Counter-Strike competitive calendar, and as Finland’s biggest esports event ever.

Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 received overflowing praise as a stage for high-level esports competition, with ENCE, BIG, FNATIC, Astralis, Complexity, HAVU, Sprout, Bad News Eagles, HEET, GamerLegion, SAW and 500 competing for the grand price of $200,000.

After a nearly flawless run at the event, losing only one map to Complexity in the Group Stage, FNATIC took the trophy and celebrated victory over BIG in the Grand Final.

World-Class Teams

5 Invitees






3 Adversaries




Espoo, the Esports Capital of Finland

Photo: Janne Maljanen

The tournament will be held at Espoo Metro Arena, in the vibrant city of Espoo, the first city in Finland to employ an esports coordinator for the city itself. Espoo is aligning itself to become the Esports Capital of Finland, and we want to be part of it by bringing the greatest teams to its doorstep. The City of Espoo, known for its vibrant and tech-savvy community, is looking forward to organizing a groundbreaking esports event in co-operation with Elisa. The co-operation emphasizes the city’s commitment to promoting technology, innovation, and a dynamic environment for esports enthusiasts and consumers.

“Esports is an important part of digital culture and the spearhead of game culture. For Espoo, it is important not only to have a successful and communal experience in the event itself, but also to reach a wide player community and create links for players to esports clubs, education and working life. This is part of our work to develop the gaming industry cluster in Espoo.”

Mervi Heinaro, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Sports and Culture, City of Espoo

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I’m Press or Media, how can I attend the event?


Media is more than welcome to attend the event. For accreditation, please contact us at Also include your contact details and the media you represent.

What is the age limit of the event?


The age limit of the event is 16 years old. Participants within the ages of 13-15 can attend with a guardian that is at least 18 years of age.

What is the schedule of the event?


The Arena Stage will be held at Espoo Metro Arena on 1. – 3.12.2023. The Studio Phase will be played in a Closed Studio Environment on 29. – 30.11.2023. Stay tuned for more information.

In which language is the event casted at the arena?


The casting language at the arena will be English.

Where can I buy tickets to the event?


You can buy tickets via Liveto here on our website.

Where can I stay during the event?


You can book a room at Hotel Matts for your stay in Espoo! Hotel Matts offers esports fans –15 % accommodation discount from the daily price for bookings 27.11. – 4.12.2023. Book from the Hotel Matts website with the code ALLESPORTS23.

I have an issue with booking tickets!


If you’re having trouble buying tickets, contact Liveto Customer Service, open on weekdays 09.00 – 17.00 EEST. Email: Phone +35860030005 (1.78€/min).

How can I make a group or box reservation?


In group and box reservations, and in special needs inquiries, contact

Which teams are attending the event?


The invitees are ENCE, MOUZ, Complexity, FURIA and FNATIC, and the adversaries are GamerLegion (Elisa Invitational), Apeks (Elisa Invitational) and HAVU (eSM 2023).

How can I watch the event if I can’t attend?


You can watch the event on our Twitch channels!



Can I buy alcohol beverages at the event?


Alcoholic beverages can be bought at bars around the venue by people over the age of 18. Alcoholic beverages can only be brought to your seats with the Drinking Seats Ticket. Additionally, you can enjoy the show from the bar on the floor level with the Drinking Floor Seats Ticket.

I want to work with Elisa Esports!


Great to hear! We’ve just opened our Volunteer Application for the event! You can also contact us via email at

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