Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 – Main Swiss

Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 moves to second phase on next Monday. Find schedules and teams here!

Main Swiss starts next Monday, on the 17th of January, as 7 teams have made their way through the Regional Swiss stage. Now they’ll meet 9 invited teams, and from the next 4 weeks, only the Top 8 teams will advance to the last phase of the Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 tournament – the Playoffs!


Here are the Main Swiss teams: 

  • HAVU
  • Entropiq
  • Eternal Fire
  • x-kom AGO
  • Dignitas
  • LookingForOrg
  • Sprout
  • Finest
  • Enterprise
  • Savage
  • Lynn Vision
  • 777 Esports
  • FNATIC Rising
  • AGF Esport

16 teams battle in the Main Swiss (January 17th to February 10th)


Don’t miss the Main Swiss Schedule! The schedule will be updated weekly as the tournament proceeds forward.

Round 1 — 17.1. – 20.1.2022

Opening round
17.1.2022 15.00 CET
Sprout vs. Finest
Opening round
17.1.2022 18.00 CET
Entropiq vs. AGF Esport
Opening round
18.1.2022 15.00 CET
Dignitas vs. 777 Esports
Opening round
18.1.2022 18.00 CET
ECSTATIC vs. Enterprise
Opening round
19.1.2022 15.00 CET
Eternal Fire vs. Lynn Vision
Opening round
19.1.2022 18.00 CET
Opening round
20.1.2022 15.00 CET
x-kom AGO vs. Savage
Opening round
20.1.2022 18.00 CET
LookingForOrg vs. HAVU

Round 2 — 24.1. – 27.1.2022

Low match
24.1.2022 15.00 CET
777 Esports vs. Finest
Low match
24.1.2022 18.00 CET
Entropiq vs. Enterprise
Low match
25.1.2022 15.00 CET
x-kom Ago vs. FNATIC Rising
Low match
25.1.2022 18.00 CET
HAVU vs. Lynn Vision
High match
26.1.2022 15.00 CET
Eternal Fire vs. LookingForOrg
High match
26.1.2022 18.00 CET
Sprout vs. Dignitas
High match
27.1.2022 15.00 CET
BLINK vs. Savage
High match
27.1.2022 18.00 CET

Round 3 — 31.1. – 3.2.2022

Low match
31.1.2022 15.00 CET
777 Esports vs. Enterprise
Low match
31.1.2022 18.00 CET
Lynn Vision vs. FNATIC Rising
Mid match
1.2.2022 15.00 CET
Mid match
1.2.2022 18.00 CET
Dignitas vs. HAVU
Mid match
2.2.2022 15.00 CET
Entropiq vs. Finest
Mid match
2.2.2022 18.00 CET
x-kom AGO vs. LookingForOrg
High match
3.2.2022 15.00 CET
Eternal Fire vs. Sprout
High match
3.2.2022 18.00 CET
ECSTATIC vs. Savage

Round 4 — 7.2. – 9.2.2022

Elimination match
7.2.2022 15.00 CET
BLINK vs. FNATIC Rising 0-2 (FFW)
Elimination match
7.2.2022 18.00 CET
x-kom AGO vs. Finest
Elimination match
8.2.2022 15.00 CET
HAVU vs. 777 Esports
High match
8.2.2022 18.00 CET
Entropiq vs. LookingForOrg
High match
9.2.2022 15.00 CET
ECSTATIC vs. Dignitas
High match
9.2.2022 18.00 CET
Sprout vs. AGF Esport

Round 5 — 10.2.2022

Elimination match
10.2.2022 12.00 CET
HAVU vs. Finest
Elimination match
10.2.2022 15.00 CET
Elimination match
10.2.2022 18.00 CET
LookingForOrg vs. AGF Esport


  • You can find more information about the tournament, as well as current esports news at elisaesports.fi.
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The Playoffs of the Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 tournament will be played at one of the largest gaming events in Southern Finland. The event, LanTrek 2022, will be organized at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre on 3rd – 6th of March 2022. The tournament will be handing out a total Prize Pool of $100,000 and the last remaining spots to the Masters tournament hosted by Elisa Esports. Teams have a chance to earn a spot from the Masters tournament to the Champion Of Champions tournament, which will culminate one of the largest international Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tours.

During the past year, the Playoffs of the Elisa Invitational tournaments have seen many world-class teams such as Gambit, FURIA, fnatic and Heroic. An unprecedented show is expected, as so far Elisa Invitational tournaments have only been played online.

Roope “Robu” Leppänen, a Finnish professional caster and analyst, commented on the tournament:

” Finnish audiences have never seen so many top teams before, so of course it’s great to have such a high-quality tournament in Finland. LAN tournaments are their very own world, where the game becomes many times more entertaining and EPIC! “

Brazilian team FURIA took the victory at the previous international LAN tournament Elisa Esports organized back in 2019. Photo: Stephanie Lindgren, Arctic Invitational 2019.

Path from the Home Computer to being a Professional Gamer

Elisa Invitational tournaments allow players to progress from the grassroots level to the world-class tournaments. Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 will be played between qualified teams from the Nordic region and some of the most prestigious teams in the world. The Nordic Qualifiers (Finland, Sweden, and Norway) will be played from 8th – 14th of November, from where the best teams qualify to the Regional Swiss stage.

“We are extremely proud of our domestic esports expertise and our long co-operation with LanTrek. It is great that together we can bring a top international tournament to Finland, and enable our fans to enjoy world-class CS:GO content live!”

– Teemu Koski, Head of Elisa Esports

”This is a great demonstration of the long-term and bold co-operation we have done for Finnish spectators and players with Elisa Esports in recent years. After a challenging COVID-19 year, we will finally be able to bring a top international tournament in front of live audiences to the LanTrek event in Tampere.”

– Juha-Matti Haapala, Chairman of LanTrek ry

LanTrek is one of the biggest annually held online-gaming events in Finland. Photo: Lauri Ellilä, LanTrek 2020

So come over and enjoy the world’s top teams fighting for the throne at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre on 3rd – 5th of March 2022; ticket sales open in December 2021!

Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 Playoffs in a nutshell

  • Time and Date
    • 3rd – 5th of March 2022, Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre in Tampere, Southern Finland
  • Format
    • 8 teams continue to the Qualifier Matches (BO3) from the Main Swiss stage, where 4 teams get spots to the Playoffs – Games will be played online
    • Playoffs will be played at the LanTrek event
      • 4 World-Class Invite teams and 4 Qualifier Winner teams
      • 2 groups consisting of 4 teams (Double-Elimination Bracket). Both groups include:
        • 2 Opening Matches (BO1)
        • Winners Match (BO1)
        • Losers Match (BO3)
        • Decider Match (BO3)
      • 2 Semi Finals (BO3) and the Grand Final (BO3)
  • The tournament will be handing out a total Prize Pool of $100,000 and the last remaining spots to the Masters tournament hosted by Elisa Esports. Details about the Masters tournament will be announced later.

Additional info

  • Ticket sales open in December 2021 at lantrek.org
  • For the latest news regarding everything Elisa Esports, follow @elisaesports on Twitter ja Instagram!

Elisa Esports is the go-to Nordic esports operator with strong roots in the Finnish esports ecosystem. We aim to provide consumers with top-quality content, which drives together the local communities, leagues and sponsors.

​​Elisa Esports has organized large physical events such as Arctic Invitational at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, and online events such as the Elisa Invitational tournaments. Elisa Esports will continue bringing top tier tournaments in 2022 as the $2.7M Elisa Champion of Champions tournament series reaches its final stages.​

LanTrek is an annual gaming event organized by LanTrek ry. The event, founded in 2001, has more than 1,500 computer seats, many different gaming tournaments and a wide range of programs around gaming. During the event weekend, 10,000 day visitors, enthusiasts and professionals interested in gaming will visit the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center.

Tickets go on sale in December. You can find more information, schedules and tickets for the event at lantrek.org.