It’s been wonderful to watch Sinners’ journey.

Exactly one year ago their HLTV Ranking was #159 but now the team has spiked to top 20. Sinners came to Elisa Invitational Fall 2021 Main Swiss as invites and Checzs need three match wins to get into Playoff stage starting on October 11th.  

23-year-old Sebastian beastikDaňo has been IGL in Sinners for over one year. After discussing in-game roles in Sinners, beastik explains their gaming style in CS:GO.

  • I would say that our gaming style is really aggressive: doing crazy pushes, going through smokes and making explosive plays. So we’re kind of like a Furia style, you know.

And magic is activated! It was Furia who won $50,000 in the last tournament becoming champions of Elisa Invitational Summer 2021. So of course the next question is about the expectations for the upcoming Elisa tournament.

  •  Our expectations are high. I know that there are really good teams in this tournament but we would like to reach at least top 3. We want to prove that our success has not came by random and that we’re a good team. 

People don’t know much about Czech Republic’s CS:GO scene because it’s still fresh and growing. In the early days, players had a hard time to find motivation and outer support while dreaming about Tier 1 matches and getting enough serious practise for professional CS careers. When looking back, beastik finds those hard moments but still keeps his eyes on the prize and in the current meta. Now he can work on the team’s own problems.

  • I won’t say issues but in Sinners small lacks of practise and professionalism have made us tilt during practises. With coach Tomáš “Tomkeejs” Tomka, our problems started to solve and communication evolved making the mood and synergy even better. And with Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný coming late of 2020, his experience helped me to think differently about the game and I improved a lot as a player.

Interesting detail is also brought up concerning the team’s performance on the server. 

  • I think that we need to watch more demos and analyze them. My IGL-leading style hasn’t been defined yet and I like to give room especially for Adam “NEOFRAG” Zouhar and Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný in the game. Micromanaging is very hard and I want my teammates to know what to do in any situation. So watching demos may help us with that one.

In the end, despite ruffer baby steps in CS:GO, beastik thanks his friends and family for supporting him all this time and acknowledges little changes that he needs to do for his CS:GO bucket list.

  • My dream was to achieve HLTV #30 and now that I got it, I think that Major needs to be added for the next goal with Sinners. Wish me luck!


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