It is hard to believe that we have only 64 teams remaining! These teams are now battling it out for the spots in round 4, which introduces us the first of the invitational teams. More info about the tournament you find täältä.

In the third round, teams will play six maps (3x Miramar & 3x Erangel) and top-9 from the group will advance to round 4. Come and join to twitch chat and cheer your favorite team to the next round!


Third round means the beginning of the official PSL-broacasts! The english main broadcast features familiar caster duo Copter ja Eiefant, but studio has new face in it. Welcome to PSL JoRoSaR! Main broadcast is following groups 1 and 3 this round.

Same as last season, we have two other official broadcasts. Finnish broadcast with M00nForrest & Qcrass and Russian broadcast with odesskin.

As the community casts has been so popular this and previous seasons, we have allowed community casts for the groups that are not part of the main English broadcast. More info about these community casts is available in our twitter and below in this article.

Round 3

Monday 1.2

Group 1

  • Broadcast: English Russian
  • First match starts at 18.00 CET
  • Results: Points
  • Teams:
    • 836 Pizza Locale
    • ChronoGenesis
    • Drivebyonly
    • Ghetto Gang
    • I ROBOTS Esports
    • Kumiho Gaming
    • MeetTheWoo
    • MFP
    • Not Fair
    • OOF
    • Optimal Gaming
    • Team Satire
    • TeamSoloq esport
    • We live again

Group 2

Tuesday 2.2

Group 3

  • Broadcast: English Russian
  • First match starts at 18.00 CET
  • Results: Points
  • Teams:
    • boomerss
    • GrinderS
    • Haiku
    • IRL streched
    • Kaer Morhen
    • KIT_KAT
    • MomentuM
    • Nordic Fury
    • Oldu Ha meste
    • PushNFlush
    • Pyrsosesports
    • TAKATA
    • Team Majesty
    • TLD
    • Vis
    • Vuptrox

Group 4

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