The Elisa Invitational Fall 2024 will kick off its Contenders Stage on Monday, July 15th. Among the 16 competing teams, only the best 8 will progress to the Main Swiss!

All the games will be streamed on Elisa Esports Twitch channel. For the latest news regarding everything Elisa Esports, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Contenders Stage teams

  • Alternate AttaX (Invited)
  • Dynamo Eclot (Invited)
  • Enterprise (Invited)
  • EYEBALLERS (Invited)
  • Favbet (Invited)
  • HAVU (Invited)
  • KONO.ECF (Invited)
  • Lilmix (Invited)
  • Nexus (Invited)
  • Permitta (Invited)
  • Rhyno (Invited)
  • Sampi (Invited)
  • DASH (From Open Qualifier)
  • Infinite (From Open Qualifier)
  • Meteor (From Open Qualifier)
  • Team Next Level (From Open Qualifier)


The schedule will be updated weekly as the tournament proceeds forward. You can also find match results here.

Round 1 (B03) 15.-18.7.2024

Opening round
15.7.2024 11.00 CEST
Enterprise vs. Team Next Level
Opening round
15.7.2024 14.00 CEST
Opening round
16.7.2024 11.00 CEST
Sampi vs. Meteor
Opening round
16.7.2024 14.00 CEST
Dynamo Eclot vs. Favbet
Opening round
17.7.2024 11.00 CEST
Alternate AttaX vs. Nexus
Opening round
17.7.2024 14.00 CEST
Rhyno vs. HAVU
Opening round
18.7.2024 11.00 CEST
KONO.ECF vs. Lilmix
Opening round
18.7.2024 14.00 CEST
Permitta vs. Infinite