Next week, we are gearing up for the Elisa Invitational Spring 2024 Playoff Stage! Four invited teams and eight teams from the Main Swiss stage will face off from May 14th to May 18th, 2024.

All matches will be streamed live on our Twitch channel. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for live updates, schedules, and more.

  • Where: Online
  • When: May 14th – 18th, 2024
  • Teams: 12
  • Prize Pool: $25,000 + A spot in an unannounced LAN event


Invited Teams

  • Monte
  • Rebels
  • Sampi
  • Guild Eagles

From Main Swiss

  • Sashi
  • Alliance
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • B8
  • Endpoint CeX


Opening Rounds:

14.5. Opening Round 312:00 CESTMOUZ NXT vs. B8
14.5. Opening Round 115:00 CESTAlliance vs. TBA.ECF
15.5. Opening Round 212:00 CESTSashi vs. Endpoint CeX
15.5. Opening Round 415:00 CESTBLEED vs. Gaimin Gladiators


16.5. Quarter-Final12:00 CESTSampi vs. Winner of OR3
16.5. Quarter-Final15:00 CESTMonte vs. Winner of OR1
17.5. Quarter-Final12:00 CESTGuild Eagles vs. Winner of OR2
17.5. Quarter-Final15:00 CESTRebels vs. Winner of OR4


18.5. Semi-Final 112:00 CESTTBD vs. TBD
18.5. Semi-Final 215:00 CESTTBD vs. TBD

Grand Final

18.5. Grand Final19:00 CESTTBD vs. TBD

All matches will be played as BO3. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the action-packed competition!