Spring season is here!

As the world moves towards post-covid time, we here at Elisa Esports are also looking towards new ways of bringing you exciting content and tournaments. We are all eager to see our beloved players competing in live tournaments and as the year progresses, we are starting to prepare our own LAN events in the near future.

Regionals is now Contenders

As we have developed our product, we have noticed that our previous name for the tournament, “Regionals”, isn’t as descriptive as we would want it to be. We feel that Contenders gives a better picture of our competing teams that are rising through the ranks of numerous CS:GO teams. We want to position ourselves as a tournament organizer that offers a clear path towards the top of the ranks.

Elisa Invitational Spring 2022 Contenders

The upcoming season is just behind the corner! As our final teams are going through our qualifiers and invite process’, we hope to see you all on our broadcasts starting next week.

Contenders schedule

  • 21.3 – 24.3 – Round 1
  • 27.3. – 31.3. – Round 2
  • 4.4. – 7.4. – Round 3
  • 11.4 – 13.4 – Round 4
  • 14.4. – Round 5

Specific matches will be announced in the upcoming days.

Restructuring the prize pool distribution

Another thing we want to address is our prize pool distribution. Currently our tournament circuit has revolved around online-events due to current pandemic. As we move closer towards more open world, we have started to prepare ourselves for bigger LAN events. We want our online tournaments to work as a road towards the end of the year, where we can gather together in person to celebrate high level Counter-Strike.

For this we have done the following changes to our prize pools:

  • Elisa Invitational Spring 2022 – $50,000 + Invite to 2022 Finals
  • Elisa Invitational Fall 2022 – $50,000 + Invite to 2022 Finals

Stay tuned for the announcement of our Contender Teams in the upcoming days.

Ps. 2022 Finals will be the biggest production by Elisa Esports so far. We are eager to tell you more as soon as possible!