PSL Elisa Esports PUBG Spring Challenge finished yesterday and Team Liquid was crowned as the champion! Team Liquid has previously won the PSL season 7. Team Liquid goes home with 6500$, Virtus.Pro with 4500$, BigBossLayf with 2500$ and Redline with 1500$. It’s time to interview the winning team!

Congratulations! Let’s start with a classic: How does it feel right now?

Thank you! It always feels good to win a tournament and specially after our failure at PGI.S and PSL S9 being the last SUPER setting tournament for now it made it more special to win!

You had some ups and downs during the finals. You did have a solid lead for most of the weekend but were you worried at any point that you might have to really battle for the championship in the last maps?

With a 50 point lead we felt really comfortable going into the last day, and we were not really contested at all for the first position because of that.
BBL Esports started off the day with cutting our lead down to around 25 points with 4 games remaining, but we knew as long as we played our own game we would maintain a healthy gap.

– clib

What made you perform better than the competitors? Were you guys just unbeatable this weekend, or were there some obvious mistakes you feel other teams didn’t exploit, or some tactics that you were surprised that they didn’t try?

I think that teams like Faze, BBL and WLA gifted us free wins by holding down splits near their loot spots until phase 3-5 and we just exploited that and won the games from there.

Clib has been a strong player for a while, but during his time with Team Liquid we have seen him playing on a whole nother level. What have you guys done as a team to incorporate clib and lift his overall performance level?

Most of the credit goes to clib himself. He trains very hard and has very high aspirations and expectations for himself. Having 3 really strong teammates around him has made it a bit easier for him to stand out because he can trust them to do their job in game and he can focus on his personal performance.

Follow up to that: Was Clib checking out the damage or kill stats during the final day so he could make sure he was still on the lead?

Maybe towards the last games when we 100% made it, but otherwise that isn’t the focus at all.

COVID has obviously been a huge problem for teams across the world, and not just for competing, but also for building synergy within a team. Do you think having a long standing roster, and playing together at PGI:S gives you an edge towards the teams that didn’t participate?

Yup, playing at events with the best teams in the world is the best practice you can have and it gives you an edge over the teams who dont get that practice!
– Jeemzz

So what’s next for Team Liquid PUBG?

Next up will be PCS4! Hope to see everyone there.