We are more than happy to announce that PSL Elisa Esports PUBG Spring Challenge will feature a PCS Europe Wildcard slot for PUBG Continental Series 5 tournament. That means that one of the teams competing in upcoming PSL season will be getting a wildcard slot for the PCS5 Regional Playoffs!


There are few conditions for the wildcard spot. It is given to the highest placing team that fills all the requirements and conditions.

  • All team members must be over 18 years old by the start date of the PCS5 Open Qualifiers.
  • A player who was previously banned by PUBG Corp. or by the PCS production team and with his ban still valid in time on any of his accounts is not eligible to take part in PCS5 and cannot be granted a wildcard slot.
  • If team is already invited or qualified to PCS5 and wins the wildcard slot, the team next in line is granted the wildcard slot.
  • If team consists 2 players from from one region (for example Europe West) and 2 players from another region (for example MEA), team must choose which region they represent in PCS5.

After Wildcard spot is given, it is not transferable in any condition. Team need to keep at least 3 out of the 4 players, who were assigned to the team main roster during the PSL season. Otherwise they lose the wildcard spot.

More info about the PCS Europe Wildcard system is available at PUBG Esports website.

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