Last year we got to enjoy great battle for PSL-championships featuring best teams from europe and CIS-region. We got more great competitions and competitors this winter with PSL Elisa Esports PUBG Winter Challenge! PSL season 8 is played 18.1-28.2. PSL Elisa Esports PUBG Winter Challenge will feature prize pool of 15 000€. For the last few seasons the tournament has been full, so now we have doubled the amount of teams in 1. round to 256 teams! This way everyone has a chance to battle their way to battle against invited teams, which will be joining the tournament in rounds 4 and 5. Once again we have top-notch PUBG, quality broadcast and five figure prize pool for you to enjoy!


Date: 18.1 – 28.2.2021
Prize pool: 15 000€
Team in round 1: 256
Additional info and registration:  3.1

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