Group winners MAD Lions and GODSENT kept their W streak going, as they qualified for BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020. Heroic and HAVU were left empty-handed.

Recap of the first two days here. Recap of the third and fourth day here.

Qualifier Final #1GODSENTHeroic19 – 16
16 – 12
Qualifier Final #2MAD LionsHAVU16 – 10
13 – 16
16 – 11

Qualifier Final #1 – GODSENT vs. Heroic

GODSENT might have won their group, but there was no question about the favorite to win the match. Heroic had regained their #1 spot in the world rankings on Monday, but didn’t stop GODSENT.

Heroic had excellent start in their own map pick Nuke, as they won their T-side 10-5. GODSENT was barely hanging in there, but their own T-side wasn’t too bad either. Jesse “zehN” Linjala had two big clutches, while they came back and even took the lead 14-13.

The Danish side won two rounds to get their first match point, but GODSENT survived. Heroic won the first round of overtime, and that was all they got, as GODSENT stormed to surprising 19-16 victory.

Overpass was GODSENT’s map pick, but they had a slow start similarly to Nuke, halftime score was once again 10-5 for Heroic. The international roster had no trouble locking the sites, as they stopped Heroic’s attempts again and again. In the end, they closed out surprising qualifier final victory cleanly 2-0 by winning Overpass 16-12.

Qualifier Final #2 – MAD Lions vs. HAVU

HAVU had extremely slow start for their own map pick Nuke, as MAD Lions didn’t need any eco rounds in their CT half. Half-time score was 11-4 for them, and they won the second pistol round too. The Finnish team had a decent comeback effort, winning six rounds in a row to make it from 4-14 to 10-14, before MAD Lions cruised to victory 16-10.

Overpass was the map pick of MAD Lions, but HAVU had a strong start. They won the pistol round for the third time in this tournament to begin their CT-side. The team led by Eetu “sAw” Saha had a 4-1 lead, but in the end of first half MAD Lions led once again 8-7. It wasn’t over for HAVU though, quite the opposite.

HAVU took their fourth pistol round win during the tournament and won the following four rounds too to make it 12-8 lead. The Danish side made it even score, before HAVU started to win again. Two strange half buy wins lead to 16-13 map win for HAVU.

Train started with a knife round that went in HAVU’s favor. The first half however, definitely didn’t favor HAVU. They suffered two money resets in their CT-side, and MAD Lions capitalized by winning T-side 8-7. HAVU had even won the pistol round, but MAD Lions could still win eight T-rounds.

MAD Lions won their CT-pistol and HAVU couldn’t get a hold of the match until MAD Lions led 14-8. Finnishmen got three rounds, before MAD Lions closed out their first qualifier win with this lineup 16-11.