Heroic and HAVU took the last qualifier final spots of Elisa Invitational Fall 2020. Apeks and Lyngby Vikings placed 5-6th, while AGF and Dignitas had to settle with last places.

Recap of the first two days here.

Group A Elimination matchHeroicAGF16 – 6
7 – 16
16 – 6
Group B Elimination matchDignitasLyngby Vikings13 – 16
10 – 16
Group A DeciderApeksHeroic4 – 16
2 – 16
Group B DeciderHAVULyngby Vikings1 – 16
16 – 12
16 – 3

Day 3 – Elimination matches

Group A Elimination match – Heroic vs. AGF

The elimination battle of two Danish teams looked to be pretty one sided, as Heroic took a quick 6-1 lead in the map pick of AGF, Inferno. AGF fought back to make it a decent 6-9 half time score, as they started as terrorists. Team switched sides and Heroic cruised to victory 16-6.

Overpass was Heroic’s choice and AGF had a horrible record there. Kristoffer “kristou” Aamand wasn’t ready to leave the tournament though. AGF won their CT-side 11-4, thanks to kristou’s AWP plays and clutches. They kept going by winning T-side pistol and eventually closed the map 16-7. Kristou had 28 kills and 113 ADR.

Heroic won the knife round of the decider map Nuke and started as CT. At best, they led 7-0, before AGF climbed back to 6-9 half-time score again. Just like in Inferno, Heroic didn’t lose a single round as terrorists, making it a 16-6 map win.

Group B Elimination match – Dignitas vs. Lyngby Vikings

Due to health issues, Dignitas had to play without their in-game leader Adam “friberg” Friberg. Their coach Halvor “vENdetta” Gulestøl played as a stand-in.

Their own map pick started well, as they won the force buy right after losing their T-side pistol, making it a 5-1 lead at best. The rest of the half was all Vikings, as they gave only one more, winning the half 9-6. The second half had its moments, but in the end Lyngby Vikings had no trouble closing it 16-13.

Lyngby Vikings picked Inferno, despite poor performance against GODSENT. It appeared to be the correct choice, as Dignitas never got a good grip during the first half. The Danish side led 10-5, before starting CT-side with a pistol round win. Dignitas broke their money with a force buy win and came back to 9-11. It was all over quickly, as Vikings marched to victory 16-10.

Day 4 – Decider matches

Group A Decider match – Apeks vs. Heroic

The rematch of the tournament’s first match-up was practically a speed-run by Heroic. Their own map pick Train didn’t last long, as they started with a 13-2 T-side half, before closing it 16-4 on the CT-side.

Then it was time for the map pick of Apeks, Vertigo. Heroic didn’t stop their overpowering efforts there though, as they won the first half 13-2 again. This time they didn’t give anything away on their T-side, and won comfortably 16-2.

Group B Decider match – HAVU vs. Lyngby Vikings

HAVU was nowhere to be seen during the first map. Lyngby Vikings had picked Vertigo and they really showed their worth there. The whole map took only 27 minutes, as Vikings won 16-1.

The second map – Dust2 – was HAVU’s choice, and it was definitely not among the best maps of the Danish underdogs. They stayed within reach, as HAVU won their T-side 9-6, but after switching sides the match looked to be over quickly. The Finnish fraggers took the lead 15-7, before Vikings started their comeback. In the end, HAVU won 16-12.

Nuke should have been an evenly matched decider map. HAVU won the knife round and had a really good CT-side, clutching all the close rounds in their favor. Vikings just couldn’t get their T-side rolling, and HAVU had a comfortable 13-2 lead before starting their T-side. The Danish team won both pistols of Nuke, but still lost the map 16-3, as HAVU went on to playoffs.

Schedule & broadcasts

Tournament continues with the following schedule (EET timezone, all matches are best-of-three):

Sunday 1.11.
16:00 Qualifier final #1: GODSENT – Heroic
20:00 Qualifier final #2: MAD Lions – HAVU