Upcoming PSL season draws closer and its time to announce our talent! We have a lot of familiar faces on broadcast, but also some new talent. Same as Spring Challenge, we have main broadcast in English and second broadcast in Finnish. Lets see who are the talent we got to enjoy for Fall Challenge!

Copter – Caster

Copter is the heart and soul of PSL broadcast. Finnish audience has been enjoying his passion and fast paced casting for year, but lately Copter has shifted more towards English casting so even more people can enjoy hearing his smooth voice in their speakers and headsets.

Eiefant – Caster

Eiefant is nowadays familiar face beside Copter and this duo has found really good synergy on their casting. Eiefant is familiar from Lantrek 2020 and Spring Challenge. This Norwegian talent is great addition to this Finnish group.

T-Panda – Host

Talent of many games and is comfortable in both casting and hosting. T-Panda hosted the broadcast and analyst desk in Spring. He will get new partner to desk this time.

69horseman69 – Analyst

Long time member of Finnish PUBG community, talented streamer and veteran competitive player. This time Horseman is behind the analyst desk and not in the battlefield. Horseman is known about his straightforward analysis and wide knowledge about PUBG.

M00nForrest – Caster

M00nForrest has been part of the Finnish casting for years and he formed legendary duo with Copter for early PSL seasons. Now he has stepped up and taken Finnish broadcasts as his own. His synergy with Qcrass has formed during Lantrek 2020 and Spring Challenge. Happy and energetic fellow who has ability to bring that energy to his casting.

Qcrass – Caster

Qcrass has formed great pair with M00nForrest during spring and is back to cast another PSL season! Qcrass balances M00nForrest perfectly and has great knowledge of competitive PUBG. Qcrass complete our talent lineup. I cant wait for season to start so we can unleash these 6 great talents!