Sweden wraps Elisa Nordic Championship on March 25th with the prize pool of $12.500. However only a winner can join for couple weeks later hosted Elisa Invitational.

Teams for playoffs are Galaxy Racer, paperplanes, Lilmix, Team Denied, Young Ninjas, gravediggerss, Sygytt ja BRB Shooters.

Bullets starts flying in the opening match when Galaxy Racer ja BRB Shooters meet each other at March 25th 16CET. Later Young Ninjas ja Team Denied closes the Thrusday night at 19CET. Lilmix ja Gravediggers leads the March 26th and in the last quater final match we see Sygytt ja paperplanes going head-to-head.

Schedule – Qualifiers

Quater Finals #1
25.3.2021 16.00
Galaxy Racer vs. BRB Shooters
Quater Finals #2
25.3.2021 19.00
Young Ninjas vs. Team Denied
Quater Finals #3
26.3.2021 16.00
Lilmix vs. Gravediggers
Quater Finals #4
26.3.2021 19.00
Sygytt vs. paperplanes

On March 27th we have two semi-final matches. The first match up starts at 16CET while the second one at 19CET. Despite the results, all teams are seen March 28th when the Bronze match takes in place at 16CET. But just a few hours later, the Grand Final will plant the biggest bomb deciding ranks one and two.

Schedule – Finals

EventDate CET
Semi-finals #127.3.2021 16.00
Semi-finals #227.3.2021 19.00
Bronze Match28.3.2021 16.00
Grand Final28.3.2021 19.00

All Elisa Nordic Championship matches are shown in Twitch and in Elisa Viihde Sport.